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How to Win Her Heart (and Look Smart)

If you really want to win her heart, fix up her computer. It's a chance to flaunt your tech savvy while showing her how much you care. Thanks to AOL, playing the PC knight in shining armor has never been easier--but we'll keep that our little secret.


Top 12 Scams of the Holiday Season

It's that time of year again-a season filled with holiday cheer, comforting food, colorful lights, family and friends, uplifting music and online shopping scams. Wait, what?! Yes, you read it correctly; unfortunately, this season may bring with it some unwanted virtual gifts if you aren't extra


New Report Warns of Increasing Cyberthreats

As cybersecurity advances and better protects our computers from harmful threats, those threats are also advancing, becoming more harmful and difficult to detect. The newest McAfee Labs Threats Report, released in August 2014, details recent data surrounding threat research, threat intelligence and


Jimmy Kimmel: Most Dangerous Celebrity

Move your mouse away from that Jimmy Kimmel video link! He may appear harmless, but he just topped the most dangerous celebrity list.