Mar 14th 2014

6 Ways Your Identity Can Be Stolen

What is the key cause of identity theft and fraud? Personal irresponsibility. That's the word from Accenture's global security practice.

That means the best way to prevent your identity from being stolen is to take active responsibility to protect it. "There's a lot of confusion out there--a lot of people don't think there's a problem," Accenture senior executive Robert Dyson told The Associated Press. "There's still the kind of head-in-the-sand situation: 'My identity hasn't been stolen. I don't know anybody who's had their identity stolen. So it must not be happening."

Nov 19th 2013

Internet Security's 10 Year Journey from the Dial-up

Over ten years ago, most internet users had to wait for their connection. Mobile devices were not common and the full potential of Wi-Fi was nowhere near its present capacity. Instead, computers were physically connected to the modem through landline telephone connections. In 2002, only 13 percent of internet users used the faster broadband connection through cable and telephone services. Once, clicking on the Explorer icon (in 2002 over 95 percent of internet users connected through Explorer), the computer and telephone provider "shook hands" and made a sound similar to pots and pans being eased through a blender. After all that, the internet was at a user's fingertips, one slow downloaded page at a time.

Oct 23rd 2013

What Is a VPN?

A virtual private network, often called a VPN, is software that builds an "encrypted tunnel" to secure your online data across the Internet. So when you use a VPN, your data passes through this tunnel and is protected from anyone who tries to intercept it. This helps ensure that no hacker or online crook can read, steal, or modify any information being transmitted.

Aug 27th 2013

Differences and Dangers When Shopping: Real World vs. Online

Online shopping has opened up worlds of convenience for busy mothers. Being able to purchase goods with the click of a mouse button means less time getting rebellious kids dressed, wrestling them into the car, and trying to keep them placated during the long drive to and from the department store.
However, just like the real world, the world of online shopping is not without hazards. Here are some of the most common shopping dangers, and how you can keep yourself, and your family, safer - both personally and financially.